Our home in the clouds

When we passed through the USA on way over to South America, Justin and Yasmin’s buddy Yuri told us a visit to Luna Runtun in Banos was simply non negotiable. He was right.


Nestled amongst the clouds on a mountain scape that overlooks the town lies one of the most phenomenal places you could ever imagine to have a hotel. After advising the staff that it was indeed our honeymoon (separate to all the other time it’s been our “honey moon”) we were upgraded to the Mi Tesoro, Romantica Suitr, with stunning views and a stones throw from their volcanic heated spas.

P9040708Waking up amongst the clouds. No view yet, but still incredible.

P9040710As the morning progresses so does the view of the town below from our balcony.

P9030402Al steps out into the backyard on her way to the spas, because Ben’s already there.

P9030590Ben soakes it up, whilst pondering how everyone in back in Melbourne is going.

P9030583View from the main pool.

P9030597Al claims her spot by the infinity spa. Pretty good spot.

P9030650Something about these spas makes you wanna keep snapping.




P9020381Night falls, but our appetite for the spa more pictures does not.

P9030693Turns out the view works just as well by night.


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