Sky swings and cascadas

As well as all of the guided adventure sports happening in Banos, there’s two less extreme, but equally amazing spots to check out – Casa De Arbol and La Ruta de Cascadas.


P9030457La Casa Del Arbol (The Tree House) is two thirds of the way up Tungurahua Volcano and lean over the valley with a swing beneath that flies out amongst the clouds.

P9030435This is the swing of all swings.




IMG_0924 P9020352Halfway through the 60km round trip of the Ruta de Cascadas (Route of the waterfalls)

P9020256There is a road built into the side of the cliff face that spirals down to the bottom of the waterfall.

P9020262Halfway down.

P9020250Making our way down we saw the rope bridge that lay ahead.

IMG_0905Ben walking across the somewhat secure rope bridge cautiously.

P9020278Al having a rope bridge party.

P9020291Almost at the base of the waterfall.

P9020298Crawling through the path ( this is a real path), to get to the bottom.

P9020328And we’re there.

P9020364Pondering how we’re going to make the 30km ascent back to the town on the bikes.


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