Flying between the three volcanoes

Initially Ben was apprehensive about paragliding in Ecuador, dubious of safety standards in foreign lands and so forth. However after Alice explained that the flight would be for 30 minutes in between three volcanoes: Tungurahua, Cotopaxi and Chimborazo, Ben was adequately convinced that the risk of death was absolutely going to be well worth it.

IMG_0490The exact point when Tungurahua and Ben were erupting at the same time.

IMG_0479Costing only $60 US per flight, who knew looking this cool could come so cheap.

STA_0481Off he goes.

IMG_0473Meanwhile Tungurahua, active at the time, spluttered and spat lava and black smoke watching Ben defy gravity.


IMG_0470Alice waiting for her turn and looking dramatically less scared than Ben was.

IMG_0504The most fashionable and cool way to view three volcanoes at the same time.

IMG_0496Flying high. At this point the instructor added some “death spirals” to lift Alice’s spirits even higher.

IMG_0478Only birds shouldn’t be envious of this experience. Seriously amazing.

IMG_0871According to one theory the name Tungurahua is a combination of the Quichua tunguri (throat) and rahua (fire) meaning “Throat of Fire”. A majestic entity to behold when flying around the sky with nothing but clouds to break our fall. Thank you Banos for yet another rocketing and euphoric experience seared nicely into our memory bank.


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