Death Road

Bolivia’s Death Road  was once the main road connecting  Bolivia’s Amazon region (The Yungas) with the captial city, La Paz. Originally named Yungas Road, Death Road has long since been renamed by locals and tourists alike. You’ll know why when you see the photos below. In past years, 200-300 people died annually navigating this trail, though the majority were in cars. Today cars take another highway and Death Road is reserved for riders. Our guide told us that recent deaths on two wheels were due to recklessness or fault on the riders part. Hooligans and people messing around with their GoPros perhaps? Many crosses appear on the road commemorating where people have gone over the edge.

Those who dare can join a wheelie gang on downhill mountain bikes to ride this road – rolling the dice on making it to the bottom in one piece. The morning ride starts amongst the clouds, 4,650m above sea level and spirals down and down around the mountains like a 64km piece of spaghetti draped across some cliff faces. Here’s how we went down.

IMG_4305The crew saddles up kicking off this epic ride. At 4,650m above sea level we’re grateful we’re going down and not much pedalling is required. That’s us on the right.

IMG_4307Ben starts the descent on the sealed road section.

IMG_4319Alice booting down out of the clouds.

IMG_4363The sealed road is gone and everything suddenly feels a little narrower and…

GOPR0101…yeah, alot narrower. “Don’t look down!”

IMG_4366Al owns the trail.

IMG_4379Quick snap at Deadman’s Corner before we ride around it. Some of the drops run up to 600 metres.

IMG_4421The road was about get a little wilder.

IMG_4401One of the many corners with a view.

IMG_4406Three quarters of the way down and we still have a full head count for the group.

IMG_4394It looks wilder than it was here. Still pretty wild though.

GOPR0128Alive and well at the bottom.

GOPR0134Cooling off at the end of the ride Ben decided to get his rig out.


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