Family day in Guatape

Sundays are family days for people in Colombia and South Americans everywhere. The city shuts down for locals to unwind in their local plazas or go on family excursions to nearby villages called pueblos. This sunny Sunday we decided to join local daytrippers heading two hours out of Medellin to picturesque Guatape – a pueblo famous for a humongous 10 million tonne rock called El Peñol Stone (Spanish for “The Rock of Guatapé”). The tour guide told us the rock arrived there when an old travelling wizard had a gutful of carrying it around and set it down there for good. Fact! Featuring a 649 masonary step staircase to the top, the result looks like a giant rock wearing a corset. The climb to the top is rewarded by local ice-creams, cool drinks and one incredible vista.

Beyond their giant rock the pueblo of Guatape offers colourful treats, including Colombian cowboys selling horses, local farming families sharing cakes and stories, and houses in every shade of the rainbow.

IMG_1376Ben sampling a local fruit our guide picked from the side of the road. Tasted like a berry but was not a berry!

P9290383The rock of Guatape offering 360 degree views for all willing to mount it. Two thirds of this rock is actually underground.

IMG_1399Snapping up an opportunity to do a panoramic shot.

P9290394Eye popping blue lakes and green islands for miles.

IMG_1383The local truckies take great pride in the paint work of their rides.

P9290439Where Ben would like to live if he became a Guatapian. The houses of this pueblo feature panels symbolically or literally explaining what each family stands for.

P9290442 P9290448 P9290455Making friends.
P9290430Another tiny local.
P9290364 P9290359More cowboys.

IMG_1427On the lake cruise we took with our tour. Soon after this picture was taken the whole rooftop crew of all ages were salsa-ing to the Latin-American beats. While drinks were being served, no intoxication was required for strangers to dance with one another and congo-line about the place. Friendly smiles all around as we got a true experience of family day in Colombia.


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