Getting down and dirty at El Totumo Volcano

Two hours outside of Cartagena, Colombia stands the El Toumo Volcano filled with magical mud. Renowned for being rich in minerals which exfoliate the skin and cure any blemishes, the mud of El Totumo is thick and weirdly bouyant. So bouyant in fact that you can float standing up. Once you get in though there’s not much time for upright floating as your quickly ushered to the side where a local commences your floating massage – this is not optional. Whilst strange and a little intrusive at first, the masseurs quickly ease you into their warm hands and succeed in covering you in mud at the same time.

IMG_0666Alice climbs down the ladder into the pit towards the mud masseurs.

IMG_0677The two of us transformed into mud monsters, float away into the corner and soak up those minerals.

GOPR0032Ben gets tribal. Think he likes the mud a little too much.

GOPR0028Drying and baking off the mud in the sun and enjoying being massively scary. Soon after we got rinsed off by local women in the nearby lake revealing our newly cleansed, blemish-free selves.


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